Monday, January 27, 2014

Map Illustration

I had the unique opportunity to create a map illustration for a friend of mine.  I thought it turned out well.

More Graphic Design work

I got a freelance gig to do a website mockup.  The goal was to keep it simple, and straightforward.   The ideas is one website that does all your shopping for you based on your profile, and a profile of the person you are shopping for.  Had some fun.

Freelance logo work

Did some freelance work for a couple of friends of mine.  Not CA award material, but had fun doing them in any case, thought it was worth sharing.  JD was a DJ as you can see by the card.  And Scramjet was a fun logo I did for my friends band.  If you know anything about scramjet engines, you will pick up on the symbolism.

Couple of Sketches

Had a couple of sketches to add.  The sketch of the woman was supposed to be for a t-shirt that had something to do with "sexy-modest", but it never saw the light of day.  And of course dragons, cannot seem to sketching those guys every once in a while.

Wedding Invitations

Here are a couple Wedding invites i've created in the past.  Had some fun with trying to push the envelope, well at least within the budget my clients had.

Pattern Design

I wanted to see what I could do with some pattern design.  I was glad how it turned out, and then I began noticing all the elephant patterns out there.  I need to branch out more.

Basic Illustration

Here are just a few illustrations I did for a children's learning module that taught kids English as a second language.  Once again, it's some older samples, but I thought it showed some diversity with my illustration.